Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spanish Chicken Stew

From "The Stevenson Memorial Cookbook", 1919; the recipe is from Mrs. Lester Tennant

Cut up two chickens, about five pounds in all; good fat yellow hens are the best. Put in a good sized pot and put in cold water enough to cover about two inches over all; cover and let heat very slowly; stew until meat can be picked from the bones. When the liquor the chicken is cooked in becomes cold, remove all fat and save to make stew in.

Cut up six fair sized potatoes; one large onion; two large green peppers; one clove of garlic; one can of mushrooms; one can tomatoes; one can of peas; one bottle of little stuffed olives. Remove meat from chicken bones, then put in tomatoes, potatoes, peas, etc., in the liquor. Cut each mushroom through and add one wineglass each of olive oil and good white wine; three fair sized bay leaves; a large pinch of thyme; a few sprigs of parsley; salt; celery salt; black pepper and tobasco sauce to taste.

When potatoes are done, add one large tablespoonful butter, put in the chicken meat and the stew is ready to serve. Have plenty of toast to serve chicken on. This will serve sixteen people and may be made the day before.

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